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Hedge market risks with high yield investment revenue.

Prerequisite Homework

Please make sure to read the following chapters before starting:
3, Funds

How To Do

Operations of hedge fund and index fund are similar.
1) Enter the fund and choose the fund you want.
2) Click invest, and you can use either or both tokens to obtain fund shares
3) After obtaining fund shares, you can go to "Fund Position" - > "Details" to view your operation details history and revenue.
4) Hedge funds are T+0, and there is no lock up limit. You can add or reduce positions at any time.
5) There are two ways to withdraw funds:
  • a. “Minimize Trading”: It will save transaction fees and sliding points by using the minimum transaction. At this time, you can get two kinds of tokens.
  • b. "Convert All": The withdrawal method "Convert All" enables you to convert all the withdrawn balances into the token of your choice and withdraw them.